Best Collegiate Events Team Member

Anton Andresen

Anton has a degree in marketing from Suffolk University School of Business in Boston Massachusetts and looks back at this time fondly. He takes great pride in providing exciting and motivating presentations that students will remember for a lifetime.

Anton has 20 years of high-energy presentation skills from his background as an entertainer, speaker, and lead facilitator. He has traveled the United States leading team-building experiences with a focus on bringing students together, helping them explore their new campus, and reinforcing their school’s core values.

Drawing on his background as a Creative Director he crafts programs with custom content that accomplish the specific goals of his clients. As a requested and repeat speaker Anton is known for his ability to engage students and inspire them to get the most out of their college or university experience by embracing the best that the school has to offer.

And to top it off, he is also a professional magician who can use his skills at magic as an excellent motivational and educational training tool.