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The best part of our “Build-a-Wheelchair” program was working together as a team, whether a faculty member, staff member or a new student. It was fun spirited competitiveness and very well organized!  Our group enjoyed it very much and talked about it the whole rest of the afternoon.

Darlene, Duquesne University

Your “Presentation Skills” program was a wonderful addition to this year’s retreat. The facilitator did a fantastic job engaging the team. Many of our people continue to draw from your lessons, which shows just how effective they are. We look forward to working with you again!

Sheryl, Northeastern University, Honors Program


For over 10 years, our dedicated, professional facilitators have been delivering interactive and engaging programs, events, and workshops for college and university students, faculty, and administrations to help them develop a broad range of critical skills for current and future success when working in a team environment.


We’ve designed and trademarked the most popular programs in our industry including SmartHunts®, Build-a-Wheelchair®, Bike Build Donation®, Build-a-Guitar®, and cutting-edge event and facilitator apps that run team events. We are not a reseller or licensee and do not outsource our programming or facilitation.


Best Collegiate Events® is a spin-off of Best Corporate Events, the largest and highest-rated Team Event Company in America. Best has been delivering programs to colleges and universities since 2010. They also deliver 1000s of events to companies and planners and awarded MotivAction’s “Outstanding Partner of the Year.”

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Customized Events

We can tailor events to each collegiate entity using a needs assessment and customizing the program to fit your group's size, goals, and allotted time.

Experienced Facilitators

The key to a great program is a great facilitator. Our success in hiring, training and retaining the best facilitators is that we keep them busy and sharp.

Large Group Specialists

Proprietary event apps and an arsenal of iPads® enable us to successfully deliver programs with hundreds to thousands of participants without sacrificing quality.

Original Programming

BEST has designed and trademarked the most popular programs in our industry including events fortified with activities, on iPads® we provide, running our apps.

Outstanding Support

We offer great customer support and our proprietary client portal that allows you to view live-time production information on a single screen at any time.

Nationwide & Global Delivery

From local offices, we deliver In-Person and Hybrid programs anywhere in North America and Virtual programs anywhere in the world. Never pay for travel again.