Virtual Escape Rooms

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Our Escape Rooms are secure, no-install, virtual events that work on all screen-share platforms. With an immersive storyline, clues of varying difficulty, detailed graphics, and an advanced escape room platform, this program will energize and bond your team. In each escape room program, participants will need to use the information concealed in their virtual surroundings by carefully inspecting the objects they find, interacting with them, finding clues, solving puzzles, and deciphering codes to ultimately find the 4 DIGIT ESCAPE CODE to solve the mystery.

Your group will play in teams of 4 to 6 players, with a captain to lead each team. Each team will choose a time convenient for them to virtually gather to complete the episode. At the end of the play period selected by your organizer, all the scores will be compiled, and a final scoreboard will be sent to all participants showing where their team placed and announcing the winning team.

This delivery method allows you the flexibility to provide an activity for small to very large groups in multiple locations across the country or even across the world, without the headache of coordinating schedules and timezones.

Treasure Hunt Trilogy

Episode 1: The Cave

In this first virtual episode called The Cave, teams are put into the shoes of an agent of the Artifacts Bureau, dedicated to finding lost historical artifacts and turning them over to the National Museum. As they progress, your team (as the agent) combines their observations and newly revealed Bureau information to discover an urgent mission unfolding.

Episode 2: The Heist

In this second virtual episode of the Treasure Hunt Trilogy called The Heist, teams continue along the path to find an ancient treasure and thwart a thieving scheme. The team's Artifacts Bureau agent character must find the answers before the shady Dr. Pilfer.

Episode 3: The Treasure

In this third episode called The Treasure, as teams finally reach the location of the treasure, they must still unravel how to reach it. And to add further challenge, the scheming Dr. Pilfer is close on their heels - and he must not reach the treasure first!

Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape the Office

Teams are put into the shoes of an elite detective following a tip to the office of the top suspect in a high-profile investigation. But when they enter the office, the door locks, trapping them inside. Each team must combine their observations and problem-solving skills to gather the evidence they need and escape the suspect's office undetected.

Search for the Cure

Teams are put into the shoes of a biomedical researcher, confronted with a mysterious ailment infecting the people around them. Your team (as the researcher) must travel to a remote island in search of a secret cure for the ailment. Participants must use their observations and problem-solving skills to discover the clues they need to create the cure.

Pharaoh Quest

In this escape room, the game is presented in a slightly different format. Groups will play all at the same time in teams of 6 to 8 players, with each player viewing the game platform in synchrony with their teammates, communicating via a video conferencing platform of their choice. Each player will need to use the information concealed in their virtual surroundings by carefully inspecting the clues they find, and sharing information with their teammates who may be seeing different clues within the same scene. Ultimately, they must solve all the puzzles and codes along their way to solve the mystery of which Pharaoh is buried in a newly discovered pyramid, and make their way out!

New Year's Eve Adventure

Teams learn that a nefarious figure known as Mr. Joy Killer has plotted to jeopardize and ultimately destroy New Year’s Eve celebrations in several cities. Each team must travel to the targeted cities to find and signal jamming devices planted by Mr. Joy Killler to bring celebrations down before the clock strikes midnight. Participants must use their observations and problem-solving skills to discover the clues they need to find each jammer and disable it.

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Program Details

  • Group Size:
  • Team Size:
    4 to 6
  • Program Length:
    60 to 90 minutes
  • Space Requirement:
  • Setting:
  • Physicality:

Program Elements

  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Communication
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Innovation & Problem Solving

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