Race Car Rally

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Ready, Set, GO! Race Car Rally is an exciting event of fast-paced, racing-related activities that enable teams to construct race-worthy cars – built for speed – on weighted Lego® car platforms! The object is to be the team to build the fastest racecar.
Teams score points through challenges on iPads® we provide. Their points will be used to visit our "race car store" to purchase the parts they need for their car build. Special metal Lego® car platforms, wheels, windshields, drivers, and more will be used by each team to build and test their cars.

During car construction, other team members will be decorating their driver's jumpsuit, creating flags and signs with the colors of their race car, and continuing to accumulate points on the iPads®, which go towards their final point total.

To get their driver and team spirit fired up for the races, and to gain more points, teams will create and perform a "Champions' Chant." Throughout the event, points continue to be awarded for design, creativity, functionality, and originality.

After the teams have built their cars, they will have access to our racetracks for, valuable timed practice runs, so they can adjust their race car design for additional speed before their number is called to compete in the races.

Teams will be assigned a track, where they will race against other teams' cars in their division to secure a spot in the final race.

Winning teams from each division will face off in the final heats vying for gold medals and the title of "Collegiate Race Car Rally Champions!"

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Program Details

  • Group Size:
    30 to 1,000+
  • Team Size:
  • Program Length:
    2 hours
  • Space Requirement:
    25 sq. ft. per person
  • Setting:
  • Physicality:

Program Elements

  • Creativity & Resourcefulness
  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Innovation & Problem Solving
  • Performance & Continuous Improvement

What's Included?

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants and includes program design, prep, production coordination and all materials, a professional facilitator and staffing. We also provide all the props and gold medals for the winning team.

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