Virtual Code Breakers

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a spy? To go on a secret assignment, solve mysteries, and capture villains? Well, it’s time to put on your secret agent hat and get ready to go undercover with Virtual Code Breakers!

In this thrilling, espionage themed trivia game, your group’s challenge - should they choose to accept it - will be to answer questions, tackle puzzling mind games, and unlock a series of vaults to solve a final riddle...who is the celebrity mole!

With state of the art gaming and our engaging and interactive professional host, your group will experience a full participant, full engagement, interactive spy game experience. Our interactive host will welcome the group, introduce the game, mission, and scoring. Players will choose a name that will appear on the scoreboard and the main screen when they are the fastest to respond. Then their mission will begin.

Participants will be tested on their knowledge of spy, thriller, and espionage films along with real-life CIA and MI6 facts. Along the way, participants will collect the intel they need in order to unlock valuable clues they will need to solve the final mystery. Agents in training submit their responses from the security of their home headquarters using their own electronic devices, and the faster they respond correctly the more points they earn.

This action-packed mission is fun and engaging for spies of all ages and experience levels, and agencies of all sizes! Whether you want to bring an element of intrigue to your next virtual dinner party or cocktail hour, or thrill groups wanting something more stimulating than your average trivia game, Virtual Code Breakers is just the activity to unlock the fun your team is looking for!

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Program Details

  • Group Size:
    30 to 1,000+
  • Team Size:
  • Program Length:
    60 to 75 minutes
  • Space Requirement:
  • Setting:
  • Physicality:

Program Elements

  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Innovation & Problem Solving

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