Virtual Competition to Collaboration

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Virtual Competition to Collaboration is the ultimate hands-on workshop designed to demonstrate the power of collaboration and educational synergy. Utilizing a virtual meeting space, and taking advantage of break-out rooms, this session will initially have participants working on a large group initiative to set a benchmark, while showcasing goal setting, role clarification and time management skills. The group will be required to complete the activity several times in rapid succession to determine the average and high-performing team results.

After a discussion on key insights from that experience, the group is formed into sub-teams and sent to virtual breakout rooms. These teams work on a variety of new activities with the goal of setting the best mark possible given the level of difficulty of the challenge and the time allotted. Teams rotate through each activity, so everyone can complete each challenge. As with the large group initiative, all of these team challenges allow for multiple rounds and focus on continuous improvement with each team endeavoring to achieve the best possible result.

The facilitator ensures that each group is motivated to set the bar as high as possible as the new teams who attempt the challenge after them will try to erase the best result they achieved with a better mark of their own.

At half-time, and to their surprise, the entire group comes together in the main general session room and are introduced to a new goal. Before they switch activities, they must now openly divulge and share information and strategies to the other teams, to position the other team to outperform their own “untouchable” benchmark! With this new twist, success is now measured by their ability to mentor, coach, and help the other team to surpass their own previous best effort!

This synergistic approach highlights the positive results of sharing best practices and has a powerful message of the mutual benefits of collaboration and celebrating the success of our peers.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this event may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

Clients Talk About this Program

The students seemed energized by our Virtual Competition to Collaboration program. Learning to work as a team and trust your teammates was a great way to bond! The students seemed to enjoy having a second chance at their team challenge. They took away a new understanding of how to adjust your role on a team, and of having fun while working together. Our host Paul brought great energy and knew how to connect with the students.

Lesley, Community College of Baltimore County
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Program Details

  • Group Size:
    Any Size
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  • Program Length:
    1 to 3 hours
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Program Elements

  • Relationship Building & Networking

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