Virtual Murder Mystery: Mavericks on the Case

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Get into the investigative spirit with our Virtual Murder Mystery program - Mavericks on the Case!

The Mavericks are a team of elite private investigators for hire. From retired CIA operative Walter Hat, to recent MIT grad Techy Tina, to Clever Claire with her research background, Dr. Amanda Santos the forensic expert, and Sheriff Jackson who left his post in a small town in the hopes of working on bigger cases, the team is full of experienced investigators who all bring something unique to the table. Your group will form teams of 6, with each player donning the detective hats of one of these dynamic investigators to solve a puzzling murder case!

Our murder victim, 53-year-old corporate executive Mr. Pritchett, has been found dead at his home the morning following a party that he threw to celebrate an upcoming promotion at work. Despite the police's initial assumption of accidental death, Pritchett family staffers seem to disagree, and call in the Mavericks to investigate!

Mr. Pritchett seems to have been a difficult man in life, as all 8 of his party guests have some reason to be upset with him. The Mavericks must examine the crime scene, collect and analyze evidence, and learn all about the suspects to try to unravel this mysterious murder. Players must solve puzzles and decipher codes in order to unlock clues and analyze evidence to ultimately unravel the mystery.

Once all team members have completed their roles, teams will reconvene to review the information they've collected and answer the most important questions of the investigation to solve the case. Teams will earn points based on the accuracy of their conclusions about the case, as well as by how quickly they were able to close the investigation.

So, gather your team and grab your detective hats to solve this mysterious murder! Remember, teams must collaborate and share information to find out what really happened - and they must do it the fastest to win. Good luck!

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Program Details

  • Group Size:
    20 to 300
  • Team Size:
  • Program Length:
    90 minutes
  • Space Requirement:
  • Setting:
  • Physicality:

Program Elements

  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Communication
  • Friendly Competition
  • Innovation & Problem Solving

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