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Eight Fun Team Building Activities to Enhance Collaboration in Student Organizations

All types of campus organizations, clubs, and groups face a common challenge: how to continually welcome new members and get everyone working together quickly. Team building activities are an ideal way to address this issue in a fun, engaging way. Team building programs help young leaders develop their own skills while also improving communication, collaboration, … Continued

How team building helps prepare student leaders

How Team Building Helps Prepare New Leaders on Campus

Leadership is challenging at every level. But students and other campus leaders face some unique demands. Team building activities can help administrative and student leaders work through these issues quickly and set them up for success. By design, student leaders in any type of on-campus organization face specific time constraints. Every year, seniors graduate and … Continued

Live Event Safety Protocol for COVID-19

Event Safety is Our Priority Our 30+ virtual programs and events have been a blessing for schools wanting to educate and entertain their collegiate groups during this pandemic, but live events will be returning soon to the cheers of the higher education community. However, The nature of the COVID-19 pandemic is unpredictable – no one … Continued